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The aim of the Group is to improve the safety and knowledge of young alpine climbers, giving them the skills to climb - in alpine style - in the Greater Ranges around the world. Members are already experienced climbers and alpinists, and all are based in the UK, or are from the UK and Ireland. Through regular trips, expeditions, and mentorship from older climbers, members are able to progress faster, more safely, and more efficiently than they would otherwise. The Young Alpinist Group is kindly supported by the Mount Everest Foundation, the Alpine Club, the British Mountaineering Council, Mountain Equipment, Fatmap, Petzl and William Newsom.

The program will take participants every three years and will work as a rolling mentorship scheme, where past participants act as mentors for future intakes. The aim is not to fast-track experience, but instead to guide and advise on the journey.

Highlights of the 2020 - 2022 Intake

All activity has been with YAG members or during YAG events.


Winter: ascent of Lesueur Route (Les Drus). Frendo Ravanel (Aiguille Verte), Kuffner Ridge (Mont Maudit), Pinocchio (Mont Blanc du Tacul). Beyond Good and Evil (Aiguille du Plan). Scottish winter routes. Courses (in person and online) including avalanche training and alpine skills.

Summer: ascents of South Pillar (Barre des Ecrins), South Pillar (Barre Noire), New rock route on Brevent, Walker Spur (Grandes Jorasses), amongst others.


Two new routes in Pakistan's Karakoram mountains by Tim Exley, Tom Seccombe and Will Lewallen in autumn 2021: Korada North (6146m) and Kapura Central (6530m)

New route in Nepal's Rolwaling region by Matt Glenn and Tom Livingstone in autumn 2021: Tengkangpoche (6487m)

Ski ascents/descent of Domes du Miage, Barberine Couloir, 

Winter: multiple ascents of Aravisime (Aravis, France). Ascent of Lagarde Couloir and ski descent into Couvercle basin. Ascent of Rolling Stones (Grandes Jorasses) and Vent du Dragon (Les Droites), Lasseron (Ecrins), amongst others.

Alpine climbing presentations from Ian Parnell and others.



Scottish winter climbing trip and host to Slovenian Young Alpine Team in February 2022.

New route in India's Zanskar region by Callum Johnson, Matt Glenn and Tom Seccombe in autumn 2022: Barnaj II East Summit (6303m).

Presentation at the Ladek Mountain Festival (Poland) by Tim Exley and session with Mick Fowler, autumn 2022.

Winter alpine climbing trip to Poland's Tatras Mountains, hosted by Polish Young Alpinist Group in December 2022.

Summer ascent of Grand Montets Ridge (Aiguille Verte), Le ticket, le carré, le rond et la lune (Aiguille du Peigne), amongst others.

Winter: All-female Haute Route ski, ascent of Voie des Guides (Les Drus), amongst others.

One member accepted onto British Mountain Guides scheme after finishing the YAG.


Mission Statement


To advance the next generation of world-leading young UK alpinists


A three-year, elite-level programme developing expedition and alpine skills and experience through support, training and informal mentoring.


Britain has a legacy of cutting-edge and adventurous alpinism which, with a Young Alpinist Group, can continue long into the future. The next generation of talented young alpinists would benefit from a programme similar to those already existing in other countries.


  1. Encouraging elite-level performance in alpinism whilst emphasising adventure, ethics, style, exploration and independence. Actively improve diversity and gender equality in alpinism.

  2. Regular and reflective experience in a range of progressive environments and disciplines for training, trips and expeditions, from UK to Himalayas.

  3. Improved safety of all group members in alpinism through a conscious development and assessment. Developing motivation, partnerships and support between like-minded climbers and mentoring figures.

  4. Former members giving back to the wider climbing community through careers in the outdoors (British Mountain Guides, etc) and further mentoring, thus improving the national standards of climbing.

  5. Sharing of ideas, skills, reports, presentations, publicity and content.

  6. Ambassadorial skills of brands and sponsors.

  7. Creating contacts within the UK and Global outdoor world and brands.

  8. Taking ownership of expedition planning, logistics, group dynamics and finances, website and social developments.



This is an example timeline, although exact details may vary. The pathway is 3 years, broken into 6 six-month programmes:

Year 1. Summer:

UK or European summer trip between 1 and 2 weeks. Emphasis on reinforcing safety and common practices of alpinism.

Year 1. Winter:

 2 week European winter trip. Emphasis on winter alpinism and exploration.

Year 2. Spring:

3 week spring trip (global). Emphasis on adventurous alpinism and technical development

Year 2. Autumn:

Autumn Greater Ranges expedition. Emphasis on adventurous alpinism.

Year 3. Spring:

2 x 2 week spring trip (European/Global). Emphasis on technical development and skills refinement.

Year 3. Autumn:

Autumn Greater Ranges expedition or similar. Emphasis on adventurous alpinism.



Events, reports and presentations to publicise achievements and opportunities gained through the Group.

We are supported by:

The Mount Everest Foundation
The British Mountaineering Council 

The Alpine Club

Mountain Equipment 



Young Alpinist Group 2023-2026

The current Young Alpinists of the 2023 - 2025 are:

Anna Soligo
Gemma Robertson
Sinead Thin
Naoise Ó Muircheartaigh
Michael Chan
Adam Bowman
George Ponsonby
Iain Ballantyne
Will Hempstead
James Price

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